The Mistress

Man oh man, I thought as I looked out my window. My street was closed AGAIN. But just as I was about to close the curtain, I saw something that transfixed my attention. A lovely female worker had stepped out of a truck in front of my sidewalk. She was wearing the standard bright orange reflector safety vest over her blue jeans and a work shirt. Even from across my front yard I could see that she was stunning, with long beautiful brown hair and a gorgeous young face. All morning long, I peeked through my curtains and watched her working on my street under the blistering sun. I waited until 11:30 am to take her a glass of ice cold lemonade and introduce myself. She thankfully took the glass and drained it in a single swallow.

I explained that I had seen her working and thought she could use something cold to drink. “Thanks, man. Hey, I’m just about to go on my lunch. Mind if I come inside for another?” Of course, I agreed. She made herself at home in the living room while I went to the kitchen to get her some more lemonade. As I handed her the glass, she said, “Man, I saw you watching me all day.” She must have seen the astonished look on my face. “Oh, don’t worry about it, man. Actually, it was kind of cute. But I knew I’d just have to come in here and try you out”, she winked at me, “if you know what I mean.” Standing up, she came over to me and took my hand. “Take me to your bedroom.”

I hesitated, things were moving just a little too fast for me. “NOW!,” she yelled. The force of her command startled me, but I did as I was told. Once we were in the bedroom, she shut the door and turned to me. “When I see something I want, I take it,” she said. “We either do this my way, or not at all. Understand?”

I managed to mumble a feeble yes. She ordered me to take off my shirt, then tied it over my eyes, making an effective blindfold. “I got to improvise with whatcha got here,” she stated. “I ain’t got my equipment.” After she secured the blindfold, she told me to take off the rest of my clothes and kneel on the floor. I could hear her rummaging around my bedroom. I must have taken too long to get undressed as something hit my ass. “Hurry up, slave!” she yelled. “I ain’t got all day.” Hurriedly, I shed my remaining clothes and knelt on the floor, waiting for what might cum next. My hands were roughly pulled behind me, and they were tied together. “Luckily,” she said, “I carry a few necessary training supplies with me in my lunch-box.” As I wondered what ‘supplies’ she was talking about, I felt her fingers on my left nipple, then a sharp pain as something was clamped onto my tit. I moaned in pain as she did the same to the other one. “Oh! You like that, don’t you?” she laughed.

Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pulled me forward until I lost my balance and fell on the floor face down. I heard her move behind me, then felt her spread my legs far apart. I guess I knew what she was planning to do next, but I still jumped in surprise when I fell something hard and big being forced into my ass. By now, I was begging her to stop, but she only laughed and promised me more. Finally it stopped going in as I felt it hit bottom. I heard a snap as she strapped the object securely in place. I couldn’t believe the feeling of totally being filled up that way, and it wasn’t entirely bad. “Stand up,” she ordered. Somehow, I managed to get to a standing position without losing my balance. She untied my wrists, then lead me to the bed. Laying me on my back, she tied each of my arms and legs to the bedposts.

As I lay there, her hands lifted my head off the pillow and I felt a strap being placed over my head. “Open your mouth”, she said. I obeyed, and she strapped a giant dildo in deep in my throat. It stretched my mouth open completely and I could feel it pushing against the back of my throat. I tried desperately to push it back out with my tongue to no avail. “You better get used to things in your mouth, slave,” she laughed. “That is if I decide to keep you!” At last, she stopped, and I could feel her eyes on me, surveying her work. I felt her hands against my skin and I ached for her to touch me more as she reached between my legs to make sure the object that she had buried there was secure. “I gotta go back to work now,” she said. “But I’ll be back at the end of my shift so I can have some fun, too! Don’t go anywhere!”

Chapter Two

I don’t know how long I lay there tied to the bed. At first, I tried to escape from my restraints, but it was no use. So I waited. After what seemed like hours, I finally heard her come in. “Ah, there you are! Have you been a good boy?”, she asked. I felt her hands on my head as the dildo was unstrapped and removed. Rubbing my dry tongue over my lips, I tried to bring some life back to my dehydrated mouth. “Please,” I begged, “let me go. I’ll do anything you ask. Please!” She just laughed at me. “You’re already going to do everything I say, slave boy! Now,” she continued, “I’m going to untie you. But first, you’ve got to understand something. You will only address me as ‘Mistress’. And you will not speak again unless I tell you to. You will do everything I tell you without hesitation, or face whatever punishment I decide. Understand?” I nodded in agreement, being to tired to resist at this point.

“Good,” she said while releasing me from the bed. Removing the blindfold, she ordered me to stand up and turn around. I felt her checking the straps around my butt, making sure that the toy she had buried in my ass was still held in place. I now stood before her completely naked, and totally at her mercy. Sitting down, she ordered me to stand in front of her and masturbate.

I was very embarrassed, but she was so beautiful that it wasn’t long until my cock was rock hard. She watched intently, never taking her eyes off my cock. After being frustrated so long, I jacked off with real enthusiasm, even surprising myself. Soon, I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. But she was not going to allow me any pleasure so soon. Ordering me to stop, she once again led me to the bed. “Don’t move,” she told me as she left the room. I almost fainted when she returned, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. With her was a man who she introduced as Jim, a fellow employee of hers. I had seen him outside earlier working with the woman who had become my Mistress. (I still did not know her name!)

He had obviously been working all day as he was dirty and sweaty and smelly with stubble covering his face. He watched me with obvious amusement as my mistress grabbed my by my hair and forced me to my knees on the floor. For the first time, I noticed that she was holding a leather whip in her hands. As Jim walked over and stood directly in front of me, she moved around behind me and said, “You know what to do, slave boy, so get going! And if you don’t do it right, I’ll be right here to make sure you do.” She let the whip dangle before my eyes. I hesitated and was rewarded with a stroke from her whip across my ass. Tearfully, I reached up and unfastened his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles. An even stronger lash from her whip made me jump, and I reluctantly pulled his shorts down also, revealing an impossibly large cock before my eyes. Never before had I even looked at another man’s cock, and here I was with one only inches from my face. It must have been eight inches long, hanging there flaccid. Lifting it with my right hand, I leaned closer and brushed the purple head with my reluctant lips.

Already it was stiffening, and I was rewarded with his strong hands on my head as he thrust it forward deep into my wet mouth. I gagged on it, and tried to pull away, but he was too strong for me. I had no choice than to start sucking on it in self defense. The pungent smell of him was overpowering as I took it all the way in, his pubic hairs pressed into my face. Quickly, I got into the rhythm of it.

My mistress hadn’t forgotten me as she watched the show. Occasionally she would let me know she was there by roughly pinching one of my nipples or twisting the vibrator that was deep in my ass. Wrapping my tongue around his hairy shaft, I continued a strong sucking motion with my head constantly bobbing back and forth along his pulsating tool. I could feel the heat from his cock against the walls of my mouth. Jim was obviously getting close to release and he started to wildly pump my face with his massive instrument. My mistress quickly pulled me away from him before he could come. She removed the vibrator from my ass and threw me face down onto the bed. Spreading my cheeks apart, she beckoned to Jim to take my virgin ass. Kneeling behind me, he roughly grabbed my ass and thrust his giant cock deep inside me.

It felt like he was going to split me open as tears formed in my eyes and I felt him hit bottom. Meanwhile, my Mistress placed her pussy in my face and I began to lick up her juices. She was obviously excited by what she was watching and she quickly responded to my hot tongue. Each hard thrust from Jim’s cock made my whole body jump on the bed, and my face bounced around. As Jim worked his cock into my ass and I worshiped my Mistress’s dripping pussy, I gradually became aware of how turned on I was! I could hardly believe it, but the burning pain in my ass was now turning into something else, a powerfully strong wave of pleasure centered around Jim’s hard cock that thrust deep inside me. With building sexual excitement, I turned my attention back to my Mistress’s wonderful steaming pussy. It was hard to keep my tongue on her vagina, but I did my best. She was obviously very excited as she was practically a river of juices, and I did my very best to catch every succulent drop. In this excited state, her glistening lips had swollen and her pink clit was quite visible as I leaned up to take it between my teeth. Slowly, I ran my wet tongue over it, then gently sucked it into my hungry mouth.

It wasn’t long until my mistress began to pull my hair and scream, her whole body tensing up, her fingernails digging into my skin. Over and over again, her body was racked with spasms as I drank up her sweet juices. Finally she was done, and I felt Jim pull out of me. He flipped me over on my back and climbed up on top of me, shoving his cock back into my mouth just as he came. With astonishing force, his hot jets of sticky cum shot into my mouth, quickly filling it to capacity. I swallowed it all, gagging occasionally, until he was finally spent. He kept his cock in my mouth until it went limp. “Very good, slave boy”, my mistress said. “I think I’ll keep you.” She allowed me to masturbate for my reward. With Jim and my new found Mistress looking on, I enthusiastically grabbed my cock and in only a few short strokes, I exploded with one of the largest and most powerful orgasms of my life. “God, what an animal,” my Mistress laughed. “You really like being my slave, don’t you?” “Yes Mistress,” I replied. My hand was now idly milking the last drops out of my cock that was rapidly going limp. On my stomach was a pool of my hot come, more of it than I ever remembered seeing. “What a mess you made slave! Clean yourself up,” she ordered. On her instructions, I used my fingers to collect all of my cum and brought it to my mouth, where my tongue licked up every drop. I couldn’t believe I was doing everything she said, but somehow I knew I could not refuse. Somehow this gorgeous woman had altered me forever and I knew I would do anything for her……..