The Office Tease Must Learn

Pressing the enter key, confirming she wished to shut down the company PC, Amy straitened the things on her desk in preparation for leaving for the day.

Leaning further over her desk than was completely necessary, her round ass was displayed to it’s best advantage in the snug black skirt she wore. Amy knew that she had the attention of at least three of the four men in the office’s that surrounded the reception area, where she stood sentry for eight hours a day, answering the phone and typing up reports for the four men that occupied the offices. She gave a barely audible growl of frustration that Mr. Raptic continued to be unaware of her attempts to tantalize and tease.

Leaning even further over the desk, in an attempt to catch a pencil that threatened to roll off the far edge, her already short skirt riding so high that the lacy edge of her thigh high stockings peeked from beneath her skirt. Looking towards the wall of glass in front of her desk, Amy used the reflection to glance into each office, Mr. Raptic continued to ignore her. The only thing to sooth her bruised ego is the clearing of throats and muffled groans from each of the other three offices.

Straitening as she tugs the skirt back down into place, she looks towards Mr. Raptic from beneath lowered lashes. Nothing?!?! He gave no sign that he noticed her any more today than he had on the first day she walked into the office 6 months ago. His attitude towards her baffled her, no man had ever treated her with such little notice. At least not in the 10 years since she noticed she had their attention when she was only 14. From then on she had worked at perfecting the tease. Something as simple as resting the end of an ink pen against her lush bottom lip, rolling it slowly from one side of her generous mouth to the other, while one of her bosses gave her instruction was usually enough of a tease to have them forgetting the direction of their own thoughts. But Mr. Raptic was different. Hell, she was still calling him Mr. Raptic instead of using his given name like she did with each of the other men that shared the spacious office building.

“Good night Amy, see you in the morning.”

Startled from her day dreaming, Amy smiled up at Carl as he passed by her desk. “Good night Carl, you have a safe drive home.”

Leaning in each office door, she gave the customary last round “Do you need anything before I leave?”, more ritual than a true inquiry. Amy almost walked off without registering Mr. Raptic’s “Yes, come in and close the door.”

Amy closed the door before moving to stand in front of Mr. Raptic’s desk, shifting from one foot to the other, she waited for him to finish with his phone call. Completely unconcerned with her apparent discomfort, Mr. Raptic swiveled his comfortable leather chair away from her while he continued with his call. If it had been any of her other bosses that had left her standing while they dealt with a phone call she would have made herself comfortable in one of the supple leather chairs that faced his desk. But somehow Amy knew that making herself comfortable would not earn her the same gentle smile from Mr. Raptic as it would of from Carl or any of the others.

Fifteen minutes later when he finished his phone call he turned to her, “This report is full of typing and grammar errors. Re-type it before you go home.” Mr. Raptic tossed the folder towards the side of the desk where she stood.

“But I left that for you to go over this morning. It’s time to go home now.”

Mr. Raptic raised a brow, the only sign of his displeasure at the whining tone of her voice. “That report will be ready for the 6 PM mail pick up. You have 45 minutes to correct it. Maybe next time you will do yourself the favor of running a spell check before placing a report on my desk.” Turning back towards his computer, effectively dismissing her, Mr. Raptic went back to his own work.

Snatching the report from the desk, Amy stomped back out to her computer to begin booting it back up so she could access the reports file. Amy looked into each of the other offices, noticing that everyone else had gone home while she had stood at attention, waiting for Mr. Raptic to finish his phone call. She was relieved to know that they had not witnessed her complete humiliation at his hands.

Fixing the report would only take a couple of minutes, she could have it finished and still make it home before the 6 o’clock news, but that wasn’t the point. Amy was a bit peeved at how Mr. Raptic had treated her. He should have proofed that report in the morning and had her fix it then if he had found fault with her work. Instead he had purposefully waited until the end of the day, after she shut down her computer, left her standing at his desk, and made her wait even longer for him to finish a phone call to his dog walker of all people before telling her to fix the report! The more Amy thought about the indignity she had suffered, the angrier she became, the louder her key strokes got. By the time that she had the report pulled up and the spell check doing it’s job, Amy was mumbling and grumbling under her breath.

Five minutes later, a freshly spell checked and printed report in hand, Amy headed back into Mr. Raptic’s office. This time she left her computer running, on the off chance that there might be something else that he would like to have changed. She knocked on the door frame and she waited, once again, for him to acknowledge her presence. After several moments Amy had the distinct impression that Mr. Raptic was enjoying her discomfort, the smallest hint of a grin lifted the corner of his mouth. He seemed to be waiting for something and refused to give her a hint of what would help move things along so she could head home for the day. Swallowing her frustration along with a few calming breaths, Amy knocked again, “Mr. Raptic, ermm, Sir? I have that report for you if you would like to look at it again.”

Looking up at the girl standing so uncertainly in the door to his office, he rewarded her ‘Sir’ with a small smile. It would take a bit to train her, but he considered the possibilities she presented and those thoughts brought an instant tightening to his groin. Pointing towards the corner of the desk, “The envelope is already filled out. Just add the report and seal it. Then go drop it in the mail slot for the mail room boys to pick up.”

Amy looked at him for a moment, uncertain if she had heard correctly, “You don’t wish to look at it again before it’s sent out?”

He looked at her, as if reconsidering his instructions, “Did you do it right this time?”

Amy nodded before adding, “yes, Sir”

“Then do as you were told.”

Amy hesitated, suddenly unsure of herself, she picked up the envelope and carried the report back to her desk. Instead of dropping the report into the envelope, sealing it and taking off for the day as she originally planned to do, she began to do her own grammar check, intent on finding any error that the computer program would have missed. A ‘is’ that should be a ‘his’ or some such mistake that the spell check program would not have red flagged. Amy pulled out a red marker, about to mark a mistype, when she was suddenly surrounded by two powerful arms. Gasping, she looked up into Mr. Raptic’s face.

He slowly shook his head, “You have a real problem following even the simplest instructions, don’t you girl?”

Amy’s eyes grew wide, the steely tone in his voice made her shiver. An arm to each side of her threatened to hold her in place, but it was his voice that kept her well shaped ass glued to her computer chair. “I don’t ….. I mean …… I just wanted to be sure that ….. it’s perfect.”

“What did I tell you to do with the report?” Mr. Raptic did not raise his voice or move in a threatening way, but Amy shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“To put it in the envelope and seal it.” Amy finally mumbled.

“Yes, and did you do what I told you to do, girl?”

Amy looked down, unable to meet Mr. Raptic’s gaze any longer. “No, Sir. I did not.”

“I think that you need to learn your place. You prance around here, playing a cock tease and not keeping your mind on your work.” He grinned when she looked up at him from below lowered lashes. “Did you think that I hadn’t noticed all of your teasing, girl?”

Amy gave a small nod. It felt as if her whole world had tilted on it’s axis. She sat quietly and listened to the criticism knowing that it was deserved, she had used her body and teasing ways to wrap the other men in the office around her little finger. If the reports she typed up for them weren’t perfect, well they either brought up the report on the data base and did the spell check and re-print themselves or mailed it as she had printed it for them. Suddenly she knew that her teasing would not get her out of work in the future, and that she was about to pay for her teasing past.

While the girl reflected on her transgressions, Mr. Raptic pulled a roll of duct tape from his jacket pocket. The high pitched screeching noise of a section of tape being torn from the roll gaining her attention, Amy lifted her head to look at him only to have the section of tape neatly placed over her lush lips before she could utter a word of protest. He smiled as her eyes widened. “There are times when your lovely mouth should be kept closed, girl.”

Amy sat in shock, not sure what would happen next, she watched as he pull off another section of tape. A squeal of panic could barely be heard from behind the tape over her mouth as he tugged her hands behind her back and quickly secured them in place. Several more pieces of tape were torn from the roll and wrapped snuggly around her.

“Now lets have a look at what it is that has been leading the others around by their cocks all of this time.” Mr. Raptic pulled a lethal looking knife from the inner lining of his jacket, bringing the razor sharp tip towards her heaving breasts. He leered down at her as she shifted around in her desk chair, trying to move further from him, her bindings making it near impossible to put space between them, a single tear trailing down her cheek. Mr. Raptic leaned his hip up against her desk, very comfortable with the situation and unaffected by the lone tear.

Unable to move or call out for help from anyone, Amy could only sit still watching the tip of the knife as it pulled at the tender threads that held her favorite lilac colored knit sweater together. The tight fitting sweater quickly becoming a shredded mess with each delicate tug of the knife until it lay open, exposing her bared breasts.

“You are a dirty little slut aren’t you? You come to work and tease all day while walking around with no bra on.” Turning the blade so that the unsharpened edge faced the girl, he began to lightly rake the cool steel over an exposed nipple. A broad smile spread across his face as the nipple hardened for him. “You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, haven’t you?” He reached out with his other hand, roughly pinching a nipple, twisting it between his large fingers until she closed her eyes and whimpered with pleasure. “Don’t worry girl, I’ll take care of you.” He set the knife aside before turning to stand her up so that she faced him. “Now lets see just how far you have pushed things.” Moving behind her, he gave her a gentle shove, pushing her forward.

“Oommpphhh!” is the only sound that Amy is able to make when the edge of the desk is pushed into her lower tummy. Hands still bound and unable to reach out and steady herself, she falls across the desk, her ass up in the air once again.

“Oh yes, as good as your ass looked earlier when you were wiggling it around like a bitch in heat, it looks even better now.” He gave her cotton clad rump a firm smack before he went to work once again with the tip of his blade. This time he used it to pluck at the seam at the back of Amy’s tight skirt, each loosened thread spreading the smallest of gaps in the seam until there was a nice sized hole.

“Just as I thought. No panties either.” He chuckled when her muffled screams could barely be heard. Leaning over her back, his hands roaming over her curves, he whispers close to her ear, “ahhh, what is this?” He thrusts two fingers deep into her wet pussy, wiggling them a bit before pulling them out, leaving her whimpering. He grins as he continues to tease her, running his talented fingers up and down her wet slit before pulling away again.

Amy wiggled her ass, struggling against the tape that bound her tightly, her body screaming for the attention once again, as she whimpered and growled in frustration.

“Ahhh, you want more do you?” Mr. Raptic reached around, up under her prone body, pinching at a hard nipple. “The first lesson of the day was for you to do as you are told. Your second lesson will be to learn how to beg for what you really want.” He chuckled at her growl, “I think it’s going to be a long night girl.”