The Wall

Chapter one, Discipline

Evie Lyn stepped out of the shower onto the cool tile floor. She quickly dried herself, letting her long brown hair hang loosely. She briefly examined her petite five foot three inch body in the mirror, and with a final look over her shoulder, she patted her firm ass and stepped into her bedroom. She sat on the bed for a moment, cooling off from the steamy shower, and thought about her somewhat bizarre life.

At 28 years old, she was the younger of two children. Her brother Adam shared the modest two-bedroom suburban home with her. They had moved in together to save money years ago. Undoubtedly because their last names where the same, their neighbors thought that they were married. In a way, they were. They never actually got married, but about a year after moving from their cramped condo in the city, they did renew their marriage vows. Getting an initial marriage license would have been awkward, and both morally and legally wrong. But, no one ever checks obviously married couples who want to renew their love and devotion. Adam and Evie Lyn enjoyed all the benefits of married life.

Both Adam and Evie had, from the beginning, almost ten years ago, lived a very curious and unconventional lifestyle. Adam, now 35, has, for most of his life been fascinated with women’s underwear. He loved wearing silky, lacy and sheer lingerie. Evie not only approved of this fetish, but she encouraged it. They have several matching outfits, and often lounge around the house in their frillies. Their ‘toy box’ contains dildos and butt plugs of varying sizes, and strap-on harnesses. They have experimented with chastity and routinely play tease and deny games. They have even attended a few wife swap parties.

Tonight, they were going to indulge in one of Evie’s fetishes. Evie stood up and open the bottom drawer of her dresser. She selected a very plain, pink bra, and a pair of equally plain briefs. She stepped into the panties and pulled them up her slender, but shapely legs. She again looked approvingly at her ass in the bedroom mirror, and ran her hands across her tummy. She put on the bra and adjusted her firm, pert breasts in the soft material. No sense in damaging her good lingerie tonight. She knew what was coming.

Evie took a box out of the same drawer and placed in on the bed. Inside was several pair of black padded, leather cuffs. She took out two of the larger ones and buckled one on each of her ankles, making sure that the attached steel ring was positioned on the side. Next, she removed two slightly smaller padded cuffs and buckled these on her wrists.

When Adam returned home, he found Evie sitting on their bed, waiting patiently. No words where needed. They had done this before. Besides, the unspoken commands burned deeper into Evie’s soul than any words possibly could. Adam looked down at Evie and smiled. He slowly turned his head and looked toward the hallway. Evie followed his gaze. He lifted his arm and pointed. Evie knew where he wanted her to go. She stood, and lowered her head in an obvious act of submission. She walked down the short hallway to their guestroom. She stood silently, head lowered, in the center of the darkened room, waiting for Adam. Adam moved past her to a large picture window and opened the drapes. The view out the window was of their small back yard, flowerbed and the tall wooden fence in the background. He then walked to the opposite side of the room and removed a dozen pictures from an otherwise bare wall.

Adam snapped his fingers, which brought Evie’s head up. He pointed to a spot near the center of the wall. Evie walked to the wall and turned to face him. Adam snapped his fingers again, and Evie knelt down in what is known as the ‘first position’. Her knees were spread wide, her back straight, her hands resting lightly on her thighs, palms up. She again bowed her head. Adam left her there, in the position of a slave girl.

Adam took his time showering. It was all part of the ritual. When he was done, he dried his six-foot athletic body, and opened the bottom drawer of his dresser. He pulled out a pair of black, latex tights and carefully put them on. The skintight material hugged his legs and abdomen like a second skin. The area around his genitals however was open, leaving his freshly shaved cock and balls in plain view. He then put on a short, soft leather vest. A pair of black, ‘waterdog’ pool shoes completed his attire. The last items he took from the drawer were a padded leather collar, a ball gag, and a leather-riding crop. With these in hand, he walked back to the guestroom.

Evie hadn’t moved. Outwardly she was calm, knowing what was going to happen. She anxiously looked forward to the next few hours. It had been many months since the last time. She relished the memories of the discomfort, the frustration, and even the pain. She needed this. She desperately wanted it to start. But she knew that the waiting only made the experience that much more exquisite. When she finally saw Adam return, her body quivered. Her pulse quickened and she started to breathe a little deeper.

Adam approached her and placed the item he carried on a nearby table. He snapped his fingers as Evie stood quickly, her back to the wall. Adam opened a small closet and withdrew a several coils of strong light chain. Each end of each coil was fixed with a spring-loaded clip like those found on a dog leash. High on the wall was a steel eyebolt that had been hidden by one of the pictures, to this he attached one end of the first chain. He retrieved a second chain and attached it to a similar eyebolt on the other side of the wall.

Evie’s heart started to pound as Adam took her right arm and held it up, snapping the other end of the chain to the cuff ring. He then did the same with her left arm. Evie’s arms were now stretched up and out, secured tightly. Another trip to the closet and two more lengths of chain like the first two. These Adam fastened to eyebolts near the floor on both sides and with practiced care, spread Evie’s legs apart and secured them to the cuff rings. She was now spread-eagled against the wall. Now Adam picked up the black collar. He placed it around Evie’s neck, and buckled it securely. He pushed her head back against the wall and with two clips, secured her collar to the wall. Evie could move, but not very much.

Evie was starting to perspire. She tested her bonds and knew she was helpless. She looked up in time to see Adam approach with the ballgag. She opened her mouth to accept the ball and winced a little as Adam tightened the gag behind her head. Now her muffled cries and moans would be quieted. Adam left her there. If anyone had entered the small backyard and looked in the window, they would have seen pretty young women in bondage.

Chapter two, Fulfillment

Adam returned about ten minutes later. He stood close to Evie and kissed her shoulders. His hands explored her body. He ran his fingers across the front of her bra, knowing that her nipples would respond. He kissed her tummy and lowered the waistband of her panties just a little. He teased her. He lightly caressed the inside of her thighs. He could feel her straining against the bonds that held her tightly. He stepped back so that she could see that the teasing had given him a hard erection. He stroked his cock while he looked into her eyes. He moved in close again, rubbing his cock against her now very damp panties.

Evie’s body now had a mind of it’s own. She was trembling, pulling against the chains that held her so securely. She wanted it to end. She wanted it to continue.

Adam picked up a pair of scissors and once again came close. He started to cut away her briefs. Bit by bit, slowly the panties fell away. He roughly pulled the last piece of material from her body. Her pussy wasn’t cleanly shaven. They both liked a little pubic hair. He could see that her pussy was red and swollen with desire. Small drops of moisture glistened in her slit. Her clit was visible and begging to be touched. Adam gently brushed a finger along her vagina lips. He could hear her moaning. He stepped close, letting his cock start to massage her slit. He wanted to enter her, but he held back.

Evie felt herself getting wet. She felt Adam teasing her. She felt him pull back. She knew they had just started, there would be time.

Adam walked back to the closet and returned with a long length of black cloth. Evie watched as he neatly folder it. When he was satisfied, he stepped in front of Evie and wound the cloth around her head and eyes, blindfolding her. Next he moved a small chair in front of Evie. He picked up the riding crop he had brought and sat down. Being very deliberate, he stated to lightly touch Evie’s body with the crop. At the first touch, her body jerked. Adam waited. Again he touched her. He could see Evie fighting her bonds, trying to twist away. He ever so gently brushed the crop up her inner thigh, stopping just short of her swollen vagina. He stopped again. He repeated the action on her other thigh, this time barely brushing the red vaginal lips. He could see small drops of moisture on the neatly trimmed hair covering her slightly rounded mound. He started once more, doing the same thing over, teasing and teasing again.

Evie felt her body reacting, twitching and trembling. Her body was begging this to end. She fought the gag, wanting to cry out. She wanted to beg Adam to stop. She knew he wouldn’t. She wanted to beg him to tease her further. She knew that would only happen when he was ready.

Adam teased her for almost ten minutes. Stopping and starting again, and again. He stood up and moved close in front of Evie. He extended one of his fingers, playing with her warm pussy. He rubbed up and down. He felt her push on his finger and stopped. Enough for now he thought. He picked up the scissors and, using the points, traced a winding pattern across the cups her bra. Again he felt her push out from the wall, and again he stopped.

Evie was breathing deeply through her nose. Her heart was beating faster. She tried to shake her head, but her collar wouldn’t allow much movement. She wanted to feel Adams hand on her body. She wanted to surrender to his caresses as she had so many times before. She wanted to feel his cock sliding into her. Her mind raced. She loved making love to her brother. It was so wrong, so terribly wrong. And it was so right, so wonderful. She thought back to that first time, years and years ago. Why did they do it? They should never have let their emotions run away like that. But she wanted it to happen. Adam had wanted it to happen. She remembered how gentle and caring Adam was. She remembered every vivid moment, and she treasured them.

Adam cut the bra straps and let them fall away. He slid the scissors between Evie’s small breasts and cut the front of the bra, letting it to fall away. He pulled the bra away and threw it in the corner. Adam gazed lovingly at Evie’s slightly puffy nipples, their dark pink color contrasting with the rest Evie’s lightly tanned body. He flicked one of her nipple and watched it harden a little. Her nipples always retained a certain puffiness that he loved. But he would have to enjoy them another time. Today was for Evie, and he knew what she wanted.

Adam made one more trip to the closet, returning with a small cardboard box. The box was full of plastic springtype clothespins of various colors. He selected a green one and clipped it carefully to one of Evie’s pussy lips. He heard the quick intact of her breath as the little clip bit into the tender flesh. In just a moment, he had attached a second clip to other pussy lip. He repeated this delicate task until he had placed three clips on each lip. He stood back to see the result. Evie still stood, swaying slightly. He picked up their digital camera and took several photos of her pussy.

Evie heard Adam move to the closet. She knew what he was getting. She heard the clothespins in the box as Adam carried it. She knew what was about to happen. She had been waiting for it. She knew what it would feel like. Her mind recoiled at the thought, but her body ached to once again feel the clips pinching her most sensitive areas. The first clip was painful. By the time Adam had fastened all six clips, it was just uncomfortable. Her vagina started to throb. In a way, it felt good, even through the discomfort.

Adam next chose a red clothespin. He brushed it teasingly across Evie’s left breast. He drew small circles with it around her nipple. He used it to flick the delicate tip. Evie was still. Almost frozen in anticipation. Adam squeezed the clothespin open, and waited. He knew Evie expected it to close on one of her nipples. He waited. After perhaps an entire minute, he positioned the clothespin over her left nipple and slowly left the spring close over the tip. He heard Evie gasp as the pin pinched the tender bud. Taking his time, he performed the same brushing and circling with Evie’s right breast. And again he waited. He knew the waiting was a torment. After another minute he clamped the right nipple as he had done with the left. Evie was moaning now, deep in her throat. He reached out and tugged on the clothespins. Watching them at pull Evie’s breasts. He tugged again, harder this time. The clothespins biting into to soft puffy nipples. He picked up several more pins, and quickly clamped them to Evie’s breasts, one on each side of the first, taking care of both breasts. More photos. Wide shots of Evie against the wall cuffed and chained. Close ups of her beautiful breasts and the cruel clothespins attached to her nipples.

Evie knew that to love pain, to seek it out, to enjoy it, was not normal. But what in her life was normal? Her sexual appetite was kinky and bizarre by most standards. She avoided being hurt like most people. Except for this. For this, she desired. She felt a small tremor pass though her body as Adam toyed with her. Her craving increased. When the first pin closed on her nipple, she almost screamed, even with the gag in place. She started to pant, her breath coming quicker in anticipation. And she felt the deep longing during the long, long time before Adam clamped her other nipple. Her mind frantically willed and begged Adam to complete his task. As the last clothespin bit into her breast, she felt euphoria engulf her. The pain turned to a perverted pleasure and she felt her body react. She felt the beginnings of a tremendous orgasm building. This is what she wanted. This is what she had felt the last time and so hungrily wanted to experience again, and again. And now it was here. She felt it rising, coursing through he small body. Her body felt alive. Quickly, too quickly, the sensations peaked, erupting in cascading waves of pleasure. Her vagina flooded and a squirt of liquid lightning streamed out and created a small puddle at her feet. The pleasure center of her brain exploded, enveloping her mind in rapture. The strained and tired muscles in her legs gave way and she sagged in relief.

Adam waited. He saw her shudder in the throes of the incredible orgasm. He was there to catch her limp body. He quickly released her collar from the wall, and unclipped the chains from the wrist and ankle cuffs. He unclipped all the clothespins and carried her slight trembling body down the hall to their bedroom. He put her to bed, removing the cuffs, collar, ball gag and blindfold. He covered her with a light blanket, kissed her forehead, and left to straighten up the guestroom. In only a few minutes he had everything put away. He returned to the bedroom, picked up the cuffs and other things and stored them away. Finally he stripped off his vest and tights, and put on his bathrobe.

When Evie woke from her short nap, she found herself snuggled comfortably in her bed, Adam sitting next to her. She smiled knowingly at her lover, her husband, and her brother. She was content now. The anxiety and fear had passed. She had new memories that would last until the next time. She was already planning tomorrow. A hot, leisurely shower, a good breakfast, and loving her brother. But now, sleep, and pleasant dreams.